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How do you follow your dreams when you are overwhelmed with your goals?

Today I woke up with this overarching idea that I had to get it all done today, which definitely gave me an overwhelming sense right away. Why do I have this overwhelming feeling? Do I have strict deadlines that I must meet by today? No.

Then the feeling is not warranted for today's path. Yes we all have our internal clocks for what we expect, but when it comes down to it, is it a feeling that I must take action on today?

I realized very quickly that my overwhelming feelings were coming from my own expectations that truly were not viable for today's vision.

Feelings are feelings and just that. We can have feelings and we will have them over many things. But, when it interferes with your dream work, it can be stifling. It can suck the wind out of your sail.

This was the feeling that I woke up with today and I had to very quickly put my dream work in perspective. In reality, I had made a lot of progress over the past 30 days and I had to remind myself that my life and work is not a race.

There are times for deadlines for sure, but today was not a deadline by any means and I certainly did not have a race that I was running. Keeping that in mind, I continued on my path to write this blog about something that seemed so trivial, but is huge in the grand scheme of things.

This one moment could have sidetracked me for the day. Congratulations, Me! It didn't sidetrack me. I didn't lose my focus. I called my thoughts to the forefront and realized that each day is a step forward whether it is a small or big step that I take.

What about you--What are you overwhelmed about? Does the overwhelming feeling have merit or is it a feeling that you have put on yourself unnecessarily as I had today?

Let's not get sidetracked on our dreams and goals. Every day is a big moment to seize or stifle. Even in our slower moments, let's still see these as opportunities for the master plans for our life, our business, our dreams, and for our ultimate life mission.

Will you re-focus today and make this day an opportunity to reach others through your platforms?

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