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Tween & Teen Leadership Parent/Teacher Guide

Tween & Teen Leadership Parent/Teacher Guide

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This workbook is a companion guide to the Tween & Teen Leadership Activity Workbook & Independent Study. This workbook gives many tips and helpful hints for parents and teachers to have great conversations with their tween/teen leaders on various topics, such as anger, frustration, accountability & responsibility, toxic versus healthy friends, winning versus losing, challenging times and much, much more. 

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    Each week has interactive activities loaded with homework assignments and a resource section for additional ideas over the 8 week journey towards increased leadership skills. This guide will be very helpful for parents and teachers that are interested in finding ways to help motivate their children and students, increase interest in school assignments, decrease frustration and anger, improve overall communication skills, socialization, enhance positive interactions with friends, guide dreams and goals, and improve overall engagement with parents and teachers. 

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