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Tween & Teen Leadership Independent Study

Tween & Teen Leadership Independent Study

SKU: 7112

This Tween & Teen Activity Workbook Independent Study Workbook goes into greater depth for tween/teen leaders to learn more individually on their own time if desired. This workbook fosters indepedent study for tween/teen leaders to work independently on learning more detailed information about each week's topics. The additional information presented each week gives great information to allow self-reflection on the various topics to glean additional insight. 

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    The topics addressed in this workbook include responsibility, accountability, ownership, healthy versus toxic friends, winning versus losing, anger and frustration, and many more topics. The workbook is also loaded with interactive and creative homework assignments each week. The workbook also has a resource section for additional tips and tools for the tween/teen leaders to use for working on various topics too. This workbook is an exciting 8 week journey for your tween/teen leaders to gain leadership skills to help motivate them towards their dreams and goals with greater self-awareness and drive to push through any obstacle. 

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